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Samuel L. Jackson Keeps Promise To Teach People How To Curse In 15 Languages If They Register To Vote

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has kept a campaign promise of his own for the upcoming presidential election. He posted on social media on Tuesday, “Listen up, if 2,500 of you head to my HeadCount link to make sure you’re #GoodToVote, I will teach you to swear in 15 different languages,” said the talented thespian. Listen […]

Tracee Ellis Ross Signs Overall Deal With ABC Signature

This week, television actress and Golden Globe winner Tracee Ellis Ross revealed that she has signed a multiyear deal with ABC Signature with her production company Joy Mill Entertainment to produce new content for the network. The Blackish star raved about the news with excitement to bring new stories to her home studio. “I love sharing […]

BET Network Joins Forces With The National Urban League, Others To Host The First National Black Voter Day

BET, The National Urban League, and other civil rights organizations have joined together to host the first-ever National Black Voter Day. National Black Voter Day takes place today, Friday, Sept. 18, and all organizations tied to the effort will seek to aid Black citizens against suppression tactics ensuring their vote counts in the various elections […]

White Supremacist Groups Planned To Use Coronavirus As A Bioweapon

A weekly intelligence brief distributed in February showed white supremacist organizations have discussed plans to weaponize coronavirus through saliva and other methods. According to BET, federal investigators appeared to be monitoring white nationalists’ communications on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app that has become popular with neo-Nazis. The conversations pointed to white supremacists targeting law enforcement […]

Republicans Are Pushing for $1,200 Coronavirus Checks. Do You Qualify?

During his two-year presidential run, Andrew Yang warned the country about the inevitable automation evolution that would put thousands of Americans out of work. He called for a universal basic income (UBI) policy that would provide adults over 18 with a $1,000 monthly government check. His Freedom Dividend proposal, however, was dismissed by Republicans critics […]

Caribbean’s First Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Service Led by Black Women Launches

The Caribbean’s first peer-to-peer car rental platform, Rent Yuh Ride (RYR), launched recently in Kingston, Jamaica—and it was created by a team of black women. Peer-to-peer car sharing is a form of collaborative consumption in which a person who has a car they are not using can earn extra money by renting it out to someone who needs […]